Power of Attorney

By the time we retire, if not before that, we should all have appointed an Attorney or Attorneys, who can step in and help administer one’s affairs. Such a need can arise as a result of a serious accident, a debilitating illness or simply old age.  Powers of Attorney can be granted at any time and it is good practice to ensure one has a Power of Attorney in place.

We generally recommend that our clients grant full Powers of Attorney, that means including what are called general and combined powers as well as welfare powers.  We can help advise with the granting of such documents, and who best to appoint and how that process happens.

As we know from experience, clients who fall ill, or are unable to look after their affairs, and who do not have a Power of Attorney in place, will then have to have a Guardian appointed by the courts.  This process is lengthy and expensive, and is easily avoided by ensuring that a Power of Attorney has been granted and is in place.

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It is good practice to ensure one has a Power of Attorney in place

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