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Claims, Court Work & Dispute Resolution

Problems and disputes can arise in many ways and can lead to the need to pursue claims or disagreements legally.

At Urquharts we are here to help you resolve any such problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Court team has many years experience of dealing with a wide variety of disputes and claims, whether settled out of Court by negotiation, or through Court (either the Sheriff Court or Court of Session).

Our Court partner is a Solicitor Advocate with the right to appear in the Court of Session.

Our claims court work and court work services include :

Disagreements over boundaries

Accident claims

Disagreements and inheritance

Breach of contract and debt  

We also have long experience of providing a correspondent service for all types of cases in the Court of Session for firms outwith Edinburgh.

We are able to arrange After the Event Insurance for cases that do go to Court.

Claims & Court Work

Quick and Efficient Resolution of Claims & Disputes

Who's who

Stephen Blane

Partner and Solicitor Advocate

Stephen has more than 25 years of experience dealing with claims in the Court of Session and in Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland.


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