Description covering property issues for Urquharts.

Couple with first property

First joint property

If Simon died without making a Will then Lyndsay (and vice versa, if she died first) would have no automatic claim on any part of Simon’s estate. Simon’s assets would be divided as per the law in Scotland (which dates…

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Graham and Anne

Second marriage joint assets

Graham and Anne can make Wills which leave their respective shares of the property to each other in “liferent”. This essentially means that the one-half share of the property belonging to the spouse that passes away first will be held…

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Couple with Young Children

Will for couple with small children

In their Wills Patrick and Natalie can appoint someone to act as the legal guardian to their children if something were to happen to both of them.  It is possible to appoint more than one guardian (i.e. it is quite…

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