Privacy Policy

Urquharts in operating this website does so on the following basis:

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 personal information may be collected from you which will be only processed in accordance with statutory requirements. In the usual manner, usage of our website will be monitored and audited and in certain circumstances the Firm may formally require you to cease sending information to us.

Any information gathered will be held on an anonymous basis (so that the provider cannot be identified) but which may assist us in keeping a record of links which are regularly used, so that we can provide a better service to those visiting our website. “Cookies” are temporary internet files which may be placed on your computer’s hard drive.

Cookies enable  Urquharts to determine the usage of its site again on an anonymous basis– any information obtained will not be disclosed to any third parties.

This privacy policy only covers Urquharts website and does not for the avoidance of doubt extend to any other websites which are linked to this site.

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