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Separation, Divorce & Family Problems

At Urquharts we are trusted by many of our clients to help them resolve the often painful challenges of separation, divorce and other family problems. If your marital relationship has broken down, or you are facing other family difficulties, you’ll find that we’re well-placed to offer professional, effective and sympathetic advice.

We’ll work closely with you to work out what your best options are, to ascertain if your problems can be resolved without the need to go to court and to represent and support you in any necessary negotiations or in the courts.

Our services include:

Advice on your rights, responsibilities and options

Providing recommendations on the best course of action

Negotiating on your behalf and preparing agreements

Representing you in court

We’re here to look after your interests and to make sure you’ve got all the support and advice you need to make these difficult times as painless as possible.

When Things Go Wrong in Your Private Life We Can Help

Who's who

Stephen Blane

Partner and Solicitor Advocate

Stephen has more than 25 years of experience dealing with claims in the Court of Session and in Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland.


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