Family Business

We’ve been working with family businesses of various sizes across a range of sectors for over 130 years and are able to advise on a wide range of issues. However, not only can we take care of all the legal necessities, but, as impartial advisors, we’re happy to give you our opinion as and when required.

Such expert advice can be very useful because, if you’re running a family business you’ll know that it can sometimes be hard to take a step back and see the bigger, longer-term picture.

This is where a small, versatile firm like ours can make the difference – we know our clients personally and their businesses thoroughly, we can, therefore, act as a trusted advisor to help them grow their businesses and pass them on in good health to future generations.

Our family business services include:

Legal advice                                              

Transfer of ownership                           

Business Creation and Development    

Negotiation Support                                

Buying and Selling a Business or Shares in a Business 


Come to a Family Law Business to Help Your Family Business Thrive

Who's who

Jim Baird


For over thirty years, Jim has advised families on a wide range of legal and financial matters, in particular wills, trusts and tax.


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