General Fees

We are always happy to discuss any potential new piece of business with you and provide estimates of anticipated costs and outlays.  From experience, we know that each instruction is different, and the individual circumstances of a matter can have an impact on the fees that we charge.  As a firm, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent bespoke client service and many of our new business referrals come from existing clients.  We believe that our charges represent excellent value reflecting  the attention, pragmatic advice, knowledge and expertise that we offer to our clients.

Our objective at Urquharts is always to be transparent about costs and ensure that, before a client instructs us, they understand how fees will be charged.  Equally, if as the matter progresses it transpires that more work is required (either in terms of volume or complexity) then we will always discuss this with our client at the earliest stage.

Please get in touch with us directly so that we can offer you an estimate of costs based on our understanding about what work we will need to undertake for you.

Our standard rates are as follows. Where an hourly rate is applied, time is recorded in blocks of 6 minutes. VAT at the applicable rate and any outlays incurred are charged in addition.

£260 per hour for a Partner who is a Solicitor Advocate; £250 per hour for a Partner; £225 per hour  for an Associate Solicitor; £210 per hour  for an Assistant Solicitor; £195 per hour for a Paralegal; and £150 per hour for a Trainee Solicitor

We have prepared some guidance of how we charge our fees for Wills, Powers of Attorney and Executry work which can be found here.

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